Friday, June 05, 2009


Pretty fired up still - been home for almost a day.
Dave Lipnicke was right. It's a good high for sure.

Flight was brutal. Too tall, but could be much worse.

Got some good sleep in today - about four hours and then wake up going WTF? I love that. It reminds me, however, of the Oaxaca - Las Vegas Turn Around shit that I tried - see 2006 - or not.

Told Mom I got back. She worry, but her son still has his tongue and did not end up in a turkish prison - note to Father Jon and Adam Hughes. Although his judgement is questionable and will be (and should be) scored low on his next performance appraisal.

Actually, to go to Dedemon Sile (I hope it's no paranoia) I think they ran my passport through some kind of system. When I walked in, all sweaty with the back pack, they knew exactly who I was.

Some of the hotels I stayed at had metal detectors and would inspect the bottom of the vehicle with a mirror.

I guess I'm cool. Just a dumbass instructor at a state university in California.



Would I go back there? Yes! But, there are other places to go to...


Check the traffic conference remix #1


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