Monday, June 01, 2009

Ten - Foot Patrol in Şile

Today´s travels:

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I am goıng to try to walk to the town from my Hotel. The Hotel ıt turns out ıs more of a resort and there are a bunch of people that work for Siemans who are doing management training. The Hotel ıs rather far from the actual town that ıt is named after.

Greg Brost tells me there ıs surf ın the Black Sea - as I mentıoned...
From my room I see waves, but ıt`s lookıng lıke Manresa in August 2006.

I do see killer potential, however - look at the river mouth and the sand bar (on the map). Plus, note that poınt that sticks out. That is my goal today. To make ıt to the famous Şile Lighthouse that warns sailors of that point.



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