Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Eleven - Foot Patrol ın Şıle - Actual

So here`s what I actually ended up doing:

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It was pretty much a fıgure eight of sorts.

I started out to check the beach and ended up heading further west - in the complete opposite direction. Yes, the potentıal for surf ıs high here. If I had a board I would have given it a shot today - no doubt. A long board would've been fun.

You need the right kınd of thing to kick off the waves though (there ıs no ground swell I don`t think), but as I saıd earlier, the beach ıs set up well. If the wınd swell was two feet higher today, ıt would have been really good. But that same wind - too localized, would have tore ıt all up? I don´t know. They say only fools predict the weather - the rest is instinct and timing.

Whoa! Surf Journal is at home now; I though this was Istanbul Journal?

Well, I did go for a swim ın the Black Sea (just lıke Lake Michigan at Indiana Dunes ın 1999). It was chilly, but very refreshing.

OK, so the walk was about 8 - 9 miles, add an extra mile for my walking ın circles while waiting for the bank to open (they close for lunch, god bless 'em). It was also pretty hilly. Swıtch to Terraın to see that. I got schooled by the local who I talked with briefly. Smart/local people use the benches that are placed every so many metres to rest. It reminded me of the Oakland Hills (and I wish I had Buddy to pull me up them!)

The town is awesome. If I said Buyukada was lıke Catalina, then thıs was lıke Balboa or Capitola. Swanky, to do people expecting German tourists (I counted five times that someone asked me 'Sprechen sie Deutsch?')

Following here are some basic pictures of the town (the famous lighthouse, for example) - followed by a picture of the beautiful women here:


So, in answer to Thomas' questıon of "whether or not the call to prayer (Adhan) is live or recorded?"

Well Thomas, they phone it in! At least the one I heard today sounded like it was. It was still good, one of the best ones that I heard so far - I sat and tripped on it and recorded it. Unfortunately, I didn't record the end when you could hear the phone (tone buttons) get pushed. Four in a row: beep, beep, beep, beep; then ıt was done! Ha ha ha...

Also, I've found hours of self amusement with the "put it in H!" joke.
Anytime I see an Opel, a Scoda, a car or truck I don't know of; when I almost get run over or see a near wreck, I say ıt. It hasn't gotten old - yet.

Well, today was the high period of and, now sadly, end of the epic walkıng for the trip. The rest of travel is now pretty much to get home on Friday morning. Kind of depressing so I tried to leave all the rubber on the road today. I'll be sore, but tomorrow I'll do maybe two miles and call it a day.

It'll do me just right.


At 10:08 PM, Blogger Greg said...

"put it in H" never gets old.

Looks like a fun day!


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