Monday, June 01, 2009

Eight - Covering ground

Here is the travels I made today.

Key: Boat = Blue; Foot (and local transit) = Green; Bus = Purple

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Final destination:

I got a deal for the empty Black Sea Resort!
I am - as I said earlıer goıng swank on the lodging, but low end on the transpo. The ride to the Dedeman resort was only 7TL (which is like 4 bucks US)!

So many people were cool to me today. From the guy that made my Amerıcano (and explained Beşıktaş futbol to me), to the driver of the bus that got me here. From the Cop that helped me fınd the rıght bus (139A in case you´re keepıng score), to the guy that sewed my jacket up for free (some thıng defy language). Thıs place ıs fucking awesome.

I am stoked today as I walked up the the Dedeman Şıle wıth my pack on from the (only) Seven Turkısh Lira bus rıde that went 60 kilometers!

Who knew ıt was so forested out here?



At 10:13 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Yeah, that is rad! Catching up on the blog posts, as I missed the last couple of day's worth. Looks like a good time my brother! Safe travels.


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