Thursday, May 28, 2009

Third post from Istanbul

Intertraffic 2009

Yes I went there.

"...Be there for the rap battle, It's going to be interspectacular. Fantabulous, it'll blow your socks off. It's one of those things where Machine versus man, Man versus woman, Woman versus your mother. Be there. The Intergalactic rap battle. It's instupituous..."

OK, it wasn't like that, but if I had to present, I would've talked about the artwork on the Metro gently warning riders, "don't be a dumbass!"
(Is it the buck-teeth that connotes stupidity? We'd never see anything like this in the US, someone might get offended...)

I asked the people at the Istanbul Transit booth about these posters, but was simply handed a bunch of literature that I secretly left behind because I don't want to carry too much shit. (They didn't understand that...)

I took a bunch of movies; trying to capture the hottness of the brunette trade show women of Eastern Europe. I also saw a few presentations which were translated through wireless headphones. These would distort whenever someone took a cell call or text message.

The translation was brutal - alot of "ahs" and "ums," "ITS is, a... helpful, and... yes, that is what it is..." When I saw the translator afterward, he knew enough english for me to tell him that I didn't envy his job... He looked thrashed.

The skanky german chic with the tatoos gave me the international "whatever, loser" sign when I asked that she take my picture while wearing my ESRI t-shirt. The other woman was quite charming though...

Two presentations. One, some dude busting out a SWOT analysis of what, I don't know (didn't have the translation earphones yet). The second, a guy talking about the challenges facing traffic mangement for a city of 10+ million people; admitting that they have problems with pedestrian safety, and that basically the whole thing is off the hook. He said something like, "Only 10% of population uses the public transportation; although train lines have doubled over the last five years." The 2023 plan: Pretty exciting (be there!)

On the way back I hit a textile district and had baklava and coffee with Ali (My Buddy). He thought I wanted a whole pound of the stuff, but I only wanted one piece and a coffee. We sat and talked where I commenced the sugar high washed down with turksh coffee so I could walk around and take pictures. This is what I imagined doing on this trip. Thanks Mom.

He was funny and friendly with his arm around my shoulder, "Sit down, please." He spoke english very well. I asked of his travels and he told me that he'd been to England and Mozambique. That in England he saw a Manchester game, so naturally he was a fan and was dissapointed at the outcome of yesterday's game.

Good stuff, I want to go back there and take more pics of him and his bakery.

Good wandering today; no doubt. That's what I'm in it for.

Tomorrow, the Fall of Constantinople* - Be There!

"Ladies and gentlemen, check out the rap battle of the century. The intergalactic rap battle. The battle of all battles. Don't forget! Man vs. Machine. Machine vs. Computer. Computer vs. Woman. Woman vs. Child. Be there, be square. Make sure you see the intergalactic rap battle 3030." Deltron 3030

*I hope to write on this event and the information, or lack there of, that I have seen.

Until tomorrow morning's 4:00 am call to prayer wake-up call,



At 9:33 PM, Blogger Greg said...

Cool! Love that poster. Yes, the hicks would be offended for sure. That is down right stereotypical! Keep these up, they are great!


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