Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Second post from Istanbul

Back again from the Bazaar Quarter - Reporting from Crown Plaza Boutique Hotel.

Coming to you live after ignoring street vendors and suspiciuosly friendly people...

What can I say?

A picture says a thousand words! (click here for photo journal)

I'm staying well, but traveling funky. Yesterday I hacked my trip to new hotel room by using a combination of Hotel shuttle, Metro and foot patrol through neighborhoods west of and through Askaray. (I like to get lost.)

Some of the neighborhoods are quite awesome. If there isn't a place to put a mosaic tile on a wall, then they'll find one.

Pretty cool stuff - me walking into a 5-star hotel with my backpack on and all sweaty while at the concierge.

Went in, took a nap and then went back out for foot patrol. Ended up out there for two hours. Zoned in on taking pictures of mosques - yes just like the California Missions project. In my happy place...

Here's a funny story for y'all (now that the apostrophe key works!): Today I am going to a transportation conference. Intertraffic 2009 (you know!)

I saw it while sitting in traffic like the picture on the photos page. Researched it and found out its free! You know the saying...

Somehow the exhibition center where this conference is was the first stop of the Hotel Shuttle and second to last stop for the metro system (they have killer art work and style I hope to share with you all - today will be my photo splurge on the train system - geek out!, work while on vacation? Is it work if you enjoy it? "Isn't that the issue here? About having a good time..."
Helmer will trip that I went to this thing...

Anyway, beautiful women at the check in counter and at the Mercedes Benz display. However, my badge says that I am from San Jose, Georgia! Ha ha... God bless 'em.

Signing out for now, but again, let me comment on the young hot women here. Geez! They remind me of Selina. All I got to say to them, despite the Muslim thing, and that two of the most attractive women I have seen so far were wearing their head scarves ever so modestly; all I have to say to them is keep watching those Lady Gaga videos!



At 10:01 AM, Blogger Greg said...

Haha, glad to hear you made it good. Wow, the blog gets updated! Sounds like you are having fun!


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