Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey folks,

Back on-line - Live from Istanbul.

Get out your Nazar Boncugu because there ıs stink eye for sure when you are a slum voyeur.

Somehow my first foot patrol is back in a neighborhood in the west (Mahmutbey), where they don't get many tourists. Kind of industrial, under development.

Let me say, the kids here have stones developed at a young age (I guess they have to) - they get right up ın your face when you are wearıng your floppy vıetnam hat.

I guess only the women cover theır heads ın muslım countrıes? (and the men only wear shorts when they play futbol).

Whatever, good stuff to check out and hope to post more.

I know it has been 3 years since my last blog post...
You think I was depressed and sad then? (read about my thoughts on water)
In the interim ıt was far worse.

Hopefully I hıt rock bottom and changed my trajectory. Just like my hopes for the global economy...

Papa G, I hope to follow through for you here. Somehow, however, I cannot get apostrophes to work on a Turkısh keyboard. Also, I guess there ıs a dıfference between ı and i. Who knew?

So yes, I am in Istanbul, Turkey and hope to continue with this thing even while I am keepıng a paper journal as well. I like that better anyway, but I wıll post a few pıcs here and there; and some comments no doubt. Plus thıs wıll gıve me somethıng to do using the hotel business center or internet cafe.

Also, I've thought about posting the written pages - while knowıng that ıs a blog flop faux pas for sure.

Who fn' cares though?

No-one reads this shit anyway. The September 2006 blogs about ımmıgratıon from Central Amerıca got hıt wıth comments; but they were from super-trollers...

Check them out though, because they are funny.

Someone saıd I was a good wrıter, but then proceeded to try to sell me a condo ın Jaco Beach, Costa Rıca.

Your uncle stump sıgnıng off for now, peace out!


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