Sunday, May 31, 2009

Five - today's travel, I hope

Today I am supposed to go to the Princess Hotel on Buyukada of the Princes' Islands.

Check out the embedded map below:

However, due to mis-communication, I think that it might be the Princess Ötel in the Asian side of the city...

We'll see.

Destination is the Princes' Islands still and taking my chances. I don't know if it is Princess or Princes' (but thank the lord that the apostrophe key works!)

There are other spots to stayout there too and I have no set reservation. Sounds like fun. Just about time to pack up and leave, but I'm going Ross Gellar and staying until 11:59 AM. I even snuck of some food from the breakfast buffet today.

Leaving this part of the city will suck. It is pretty live here and I am getting used to it, but, time to move on. Back to foot patrol. While I have done swanky hotels, I am traveling on foot and public transit only - that and the hotel shuttle one day. Today will be nice. The weather is mild. Good for walking and maybe good for photos.

While I must go, I want to post about some of yesterday's travels (Friday was too trippy for me I think; and got too tired to write about it...).

Yesterday I went to see my buddy Ali at the Islamağlu bakery in Zeytinburnu Belediyesi (province, dıstrıct...). I figured I could parlay some good faith into them allowing me to take pictures whıle I drank more coffee and ate their pastrıes... (I am doing one swanky hotel meal a day, the rest is outside.)

Ali wasn't there, but his partner Mustafa was - just as cool a fellow.

This part of the city is out side of the old city walls so everything is much newer. The area contains second rate clothing stores when compared to the Bazaar Quarter and shops lıke "Gizia" who do not let you cut through to yur hotel. I saw one called Manım or somethıng lıke that. Whatever - they usually have fucked up maniquins outsıde; and these maniquins - wearing conterfeit Ed Hardy t-shirts - usually have their noses busted ın, or the sıdes of their heads covered ın brown packıng tape. Next time I see some dude in saıd Ed Hardy T-shirt back ın the L-gizzle (Los Gatos) I will laugh ever so Ed Hardily (ed hardy, har, har, har...)

Anyway - here is a link to pictures of Ali at the ribbon cutting ceremony with the president of the Zeytinburnu district, along with some other pictures from this bakery (please see the link, I can't seem to upload images without crashing the application - damn you ie!)

After that and a series of bargaining (read "dickering") sessions at the Covered Market (...had to get some Pashmina Tapestry for Mom), I went back down to Hassan's Carpet distributorship.

You see, this was my issue with Friday. I did some serıous back alleys all afternoon and this guy caught me off guard and wary as he invited me back to his shop - which was off the main street and actually in a very nice section of the city. All of a sudden there are lush trees and the streets are closed to vehicles. Hassan repairs carpets and is more of a wholesaler than front line salesman. I went back today because I felt bad to misjudge his hopsitality (yes, I am socially awkward - you think?).

I brought Hassan a beer (Efes Pilsen) so that I could

Learn about Carpets! (the Local Economy)

See the picture links again please - sorry this isn't working out Papa G... (Papa G is the Editor)

Anyway, gotta bail for now... but, check one more post of hopefully embedded video...


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