Monday, September 04, 2006

Reporting from the Field - Labor Day 2006

Today I went to the Immigrants Rights March in San Jose.

September 4th 2006.

It wasn't nearly as big as May 1st, but it was still an event.

Traffic was stopped. Cops on Motorcycles told people to stay on the sidewalks.
Exit lanes from 101 at Alum Rock were closed. Some people didn't really like the traffic jam.

I went out there myself to 1.) Check it out, 2.)Observe the management of the situation - from the PD and traffic management standpoint, 3.) See how well this community mobilizes - why can't we do this for the war?, and finally, 4.) These guys need support and solidarity. Our society runs on these folks and we slap them in the face with anti-immigrant BS. I am tried of it. Tired of it all and will work to make a change. Not that I got my shit together, not in the least, but it's time to start trying again.

The cool thing was, I ran into Fr. Jon and a professor from Santa Clara University. I ended up walking with them the rest of the way. That was cool because I was alone for the first part of the march. I sort of felt that I didn't belong. But I did, and I had a good time. It's neat to feel part of something, and I remember the year that I went to the Anti-war protest and the MLK parade all in the same weekend. I felt connected and felt that change was possible. That was a good year for me too.
I did some things that year where I was able to use my imagination. Good things happened.

Here is picture Fr. Jon took of me where I smiled.

Check out this picture from down in the march.


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